Bracelet BodhiSeed

€ 19,95 (including 21% VAT)

Bracelet BodhiSeed - `Enlightenment`

This cool adjustable sliding knot bracelet will fit almost every wrist. 

The BodhiSeed beads come from buddhist mala beads, it is used in mala meditation practice because it is a symbol of `enlightenment`Buddha sat under the pipal tree and once he obtained enlightenment under their sacred branches it was then referred to as the "Bodhi" tree.  Buddha means the "enlightened one" and BODHI means "enlightened."

Your bracelet will be activated, programmed and aligned with the intention `Enlightenment`. Just fill out the name and location for the one who will be wearing this beautiful bracelet.

Materials: leather 1,5 mm, Bodhiseed, gold/ silver plated metal.

Label: the vaijayanti seed came originally from a buddhist mala and is a symbol of `victory`. 

Select the plating of the accentbeads in the drop-down menu.